Cherish And Appreciate!

Where are you right now? Sitting at your desk? Have you taken a few moments today to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us! The fresh air! The warm sunshine! The beauty of nature! One of many lessons I’ve benefited from since training with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim at Jung Su Won Martials Arts Acadamy is […]

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We can choose!

choices.jpgI was thinking today about what Dr. Tae Yun Kim, the founder of Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy, and an author, lecturer, life coach and CEO, teaches about our lives and choices.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim has always taught that,

“What you do is your personal choice!”

When I heard this my first thought was, wow, what freedom we each have!

Every day I have the free will to make thousands of choices!

Some choices I make may be small like what time am I going to get up this morning? What am I going to eat for breakfast? What am I going to work on today? What are my plans for the weekend? Etc.

But when you thing about it — other choices are very big –

What do I choose as my career? What religion? Whom do I choose to associate with? Positive people? Negative People? Lazy people, or people who want to make a positive difference in the world?

Each choice has an impact on my life – though I know usually I don’t think about it at the time.

For instance, choosing to have oatmeal for breakfast today, instead of a donut, may not radically change my day today… But in the long term, a life of each day eating a good breakfast, instead of a bad breakfast, has a good chance of helping me live long

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Be a Butterfly, not a caterpillar!


(Here’s a throw-back-Thursday link to a powerful quote from Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s book, Silent Master…)

A Terrible Spell…

“But imagine if some terrible spell were to make the caterpillar forget his destiny, or forget who he really is. Imagine that the caterpillar never took steps to make the transformation possible. Imagine that he never ate the proper leaves, nor spun his cocoon. Perhaps he spent the rest of his life simply crawling around and avoiding his enemies, finally dying of starvation or old age. What a loss this would be! We would only hope that something, somewhere, sometime would make the caterpillar remember his true identity and fulfill his true destiny.” Silent Master, Dr Tae Yun Kim

Dr. Kim commented one day in, in Jung SuWon class, (Dr. Kim is a Great Grandmaster and the founder of the art of Jung SuWon), “What if the caterpillar decided to just stay like a worm and not have the determination to change into being a butterfly? What a terrible thing that would be!”

This made a bit impression on me. …  Can you imagine? What if a caterpillar decided to just not turn into a butterfly? What if it said, that’s a lot of work, that’s scary, that’s not for me –

If a caterpillar didn’t make that great leap of trust and faith and change itself over completely to a beautiful winged creature, it would remain just a ground grubbing, ‘worm’ crawling around in the dirt.

Whenever I face a challenge or a new change in my life, I remember Dr. Kim’s comment. Challenges and change can be scary, their outcome is usually unknown, and in overcoming them I may have to face and overcome  false and limiting beliefs about myself too – but if I don’t trust, at least in God, if I can’t believe in myself yet, and go for it, then I’m just keeping myself stuck grubbing in the dirt like a worm/catepillar.

So like Dr. Kim’s words inspire and motivate : have faith, trust, and change like the caterpillar does into a beautiful butterfly!!

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Life’s Good!

A bit ago I saw a Ford Focus wrapped for advertising in the LG electronic’s logo and advertising slogan…

What made LG’s car stand out to me?  Their  logo and motto,

“Life is Good!”

LG’s logo reminded me of the many life philosophies Dr. Tae Yun Kim lives, teaches and includes in her lectures. In particular – “Celebrate Every Living Breath!”  and “What you do in your life is your personal choice.”

Why are Dr. Tae Yun Kim‘s words so true? Because my day, and my life, is always as good, or as bad, as I let myself decide it is.

It could be Friday the 13th and my computer could not be working right (and been funky this week), but ultimately I’m always the one who, for myself, decides how I react to what comes my way.

I could decide to be super stressed  when my computer crashes with no warning – and call today the worst day. Or I can, like Dr. Kim does, “Celebrate every living breath”, and decide that regardless of what occurs today (good or bad), I choose to have a great attitude, and a great day today! My choice? ..  Life is Good!


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For sure before I met Dr. Tae Yun Kim, author of “Seven Steps to Inner Power”, I thought that procrastination somehow saves energy – after all, if i’m not doing “A”, then doesn’t that mean I have more time to spend on “B”? But no – that’s not true.

If I am honest with myself, I have to say that the time I think I re-allocate by procrastinating doing “A”” actually just ends up filled with stress and worry about not just doing ‘A’.  Its would be much simpler and cleaner to just to tackle the thing I want to procrastinate, finish it, and then, go on to the next project. Thank you Dr. Tae Yun Kim for your wisdom and guidance!

Self Discovery as a Jung Su Won Warrior

Do It Now!

Tae Yun Kim

Procrastination is so easy to fall into, even knowing how much it steals from me.  Dr. Tae Yun Kim always talks about how time is her enemy, as there is nothing she can do to slow it down.  Procrastination is just that – my enemy.  I have a big, viny bush in my backyard, which I spent several hours trimming back a few months ago.  Since then, I haven’t paid it any attention.  Well, as plants tend to do, this one grew – a lot!

Tae Yun Kim

I spent another few hours trimming it back and recognized that had I maintained the bush on a more regular basis, I wouldn’t have needed to spend so much time and effort giving it a major haircut.

Problems, issues, things that require maintenance – all these are not like wine – they don’t usually get better as time passes.  This was a good reminder…

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Fear of Mistakes is Laziness!

I’m lucky too to have Dr. Tae Yun Kim as my mentor, like this re-blogged post, I have too often let the fear of failing or making a mistake hold me back from trying something new, or challenging myself.

As Dr. Kim also has said, and it gives me courage when trying something new, that might end in hopefully success but maybe a failure = – “Try it my way – you can always choose to go back to your own way!”  Thank you Dr. Tae Yun Kim for  your guidance!

Self Discovery as a Jung Su Won Warrior

Are you willing to make mistakes?  Or does fear hold you back from trying something new.  Did you know that Thomas Edison had over 10,000 attempts before he was successful in inventing the light bulb?  I was amazed when my life coach and mentor, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim shared this fact.

When Thomas Edison was interviewed by a young reporter who boldly asked Mr. Edison if he felt like a failure and if he thought he should just give up by now. Perplexed, Edison replied, “Young man, why would I feel like a failure? And why would I ever give up? I now know definitively over 9,000 ways that an electric light bulb will not work. Success is almost in my grasp.” And shortly after that, and over 10,000 attempts, Edison invented the light bulb.

If Thomas Edison had given up, how much longer would it have been before…

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Rising Above!


Page 24 of Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s, “Seven Steps to Inner Power,” hit home to me today,

“When you find yourself reacting with compassion to these characteristics [weaknesses] in another or in yourself, you’ll know you’re on your way to conquering them.”

Reading this, I remembered the compassion and caring I feel toward a new white belt student at Jung Suwon when they are uncoordinated and fumbling.

Because – I remember how I felt when I was a white belt. I remember how uncoordinated I felt, how confused I was, and how I made mistakes left and right. I see where I was, in the white belt(s), and it makes me want to help the white belt(s).

I don’t judge the white belt(s), orthink bad of them for fumbling or making mistakes, I just want to encourage them that I understand where they are, I understand what they are feeling, and I want to share with them – just be patient because yes, absolutely they can and will improve, learn and grow.

Then I thought of what do I usually do to myself? If it’s something I see in me, a weakness or fear, or mistake I made – what do I do to myself?

Usually I judge myself harshly. I’ll cringe inside when I think about my weakness or when I remember the mistakes I’ve made, and I am disgusted with myself.

But judging, cringing, and being disgusted with myself doesn’t really help me rise above, grow or improve.

Like Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches about having to discover and treat the plant’s roots to cure a diseased plant, the times I’ve really dug deeper into myself (even though it can be painful and ugly) and sought to uncover a deeper or a root reason behind my weaknesses or mistakes, in the wake of the understanding I gain/gained, self-judging diminishes, and I’ve felt flashes of compassion towards the real ‘me’.


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